Who We Are

Formed Gardens is a residential landscape design and construction company based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. We strive to deliver personalised outdoor spaces that respond to architecture and nature. We believe that successful gardens should always combine functionality, aesthetics and sustainability. We make gardens that belong, and people want to engage with.


We design and construct responsibly. 
We source locally wherever possible. 
We have a love for recycled materials.

Starting at design, we always look for a solution that works with the site, rather than impose on it. Our job is to resolve a house and landscape into its surrounds and work with nature. We strive to create ecosystems that evolve and enhance location. Our gardens while structured, always retain that sense of wildness that mother nature does best, and that we aspire to recreate.


We draw inspiration from our natural surrounds, architecture, and our previous project experience to design spaces unique to your site and requirements. Through this approach we are able to create responsive, considered landscapes that perform in our challenging climate, increase property value, and most importantly, enhance lifestyle.

Our design services range from concept design, 3D modelling and visualisation, CD/DA approvals stages, through to customised construction documentation

Pool Construction

Formed Gardens are licensed swimming pool builders. This integrated service allows us to design, customise and deliver complete landscape and swimming pool projects for our clients. From consultation, design and approvals, to material sourcing and construction, we offer a transparent approach that is collaborative with our clients.


This initial stage is key in understanding a client’s desire for their landscape, what’s achievable within a site, and how we can make it a reality for you. Our experience in planning and development helps you navigate the requirements of approvals and residential construction.

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Landscape Construction

After 15 years’ experience as a team, we offer a thorough knowledge of materials, practises and locally sourced products that assist in the construction process. We work closely with our own construction team, and trusted contractors with whom we have long standing relationships. Our diligence in this area ensures a smooth process that meets building standards, compliance requirements, and ensures our work survives the challenges of exterior construction.

Our gardens are built well, and built to last.

Maintenance Programs

We can provide an ongoing garden maintenance service to the living elements of your landscape.   These services are tailored to your individual garden needs and can involve all areas of horticultural and plant care, pest management, programmed fertilising and long term garden planning.